Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Friends and More

I recently wrote about the Free Farm on the Free Farm blog athttp://freefarmstand.org/2010/09/20/diggers-and-digger-bees/. I mentioned a story about one of the many volunteers that came by and Pancho just sent me a link for another story: go here. A week ago Justin who teaches the gardening course at USF came by with 14 of his students and took a tour and helped us get a lot done including helping us to plant our Kale and red Bok Choy seedlings, sowing peas, and finishing terraces. The students were checking out various places they may want to do an internship at this fall. The same day a contingent of friends from Berkeley came by to bring us a big truck load of manure. I met Basje and her daughter Wren and she took a lot of pictures (see below). Also, this past Saturday Feel the Earth put on a dance performance at the farm that I unfortunately missed and hopefully it was caught on video.
the Berkeley folks

a lot of the students biked to the farm
lunch and the class brought extra food too
apples that a neighbor brought by to share