Monday, May 13, 2013

Land Lovers

The Free Farm is gearing up for a large harvest of summer squash as we have harvested almost everything else. We also have lots of potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, basil, lettuce, and marigolds planted. We can almost go on auto-pilot so we can concentrate on figuring out our future.  Though we are making more compost every week...we may have to move our soil when we leave.

Beautiful people continue to stream through our farm. Two people visited recently.who haven't been around for awhile  but have been core people in starting our project and I love them a lot.

Griff stopped by visiting from Portland and he says he wants to attend a celebration party we are planing. (I am thinking it should be a celebration and work party).
Two land lovers
 Here is Pancho and Emmanuel now living in Fruitvale in Casa de Paz where they among other things run a Free Farm Stand on Sundays. Visiting with friends Juan and his sister from the part of the planet called Mexico.
Pancho and a volunteer standing in front of the same tree 3 years ago. Griff couldn't believe how fast our trees are growing and many have fruit this year
 a new visitor in the garden I discovered living under the mulberry tree
anyone know this flower?

People may want to know what the plans are for the site we are on and what the developer has to do to get the project approved. Here is the Preliminary Project Assessment (PPA) put out by the Planning Department: the plan. It is interesting that one of the first things that the Planning Dept. says is that the "property is currently vacant". Is that true?

We are moving ahead exploring all options and I believe there will be good work for us to do in the future. Already we have heard from two groups wanting help putting in a rooftop garden and another wanting a ground level garden. We have more options than we have volunteer power right now. We have a beautiful community that we have grown besides growing food and soil.  Help us keep it growing.

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