Monday, November 19, 2012

Prayer for Peas

The Free Farm will be closed the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (Nov. 21) and then the Saturday after the holiday (Nov. 24).

The rain came and freshened the farm and we are getting all the vegetable starts in for the winter. There is plenty more to do, but we have been a little short on volunteers for the past few months, so it feels like we are a bit behind.

We have rows of snap peas that have been under attack from birds (and our lettuce too) so we have covered all the rows with those crops with row cover cloth. We pray for our peas (and lettuce), but I seriously also pray for peace (I wrote about this on our latest Free Farm Stand blog that in the near future will be combined with this blog).

One of the most beautiful things for me at the farm these days are the cardoons that have flowered and are filled with white seed heads, so when you are walking around or just sitting, their lightweight seeds travel through the air and you can watch them floating before they land. The miracle of the seed is so tremendous and inspiring, and when I seed these seeds traveling around the farm, I wonder if we will have cardoons coming up next spring in the oddest places.

Our produce right now is especially beautiful:

 Bolivan Sunroot

Bok Choy

There is a tree planting being planned for the end of January to celebrate
Tu B'Shevat or New Year for Trees. We are not sure where we are getting our trees from yet, but here is a wonderful opportunity for others:  

Friends of the Urban Forest and SF Environment is organizing the first-ever citywide Fruit Tree Planting!
What? 200 bare-root fruit trees to be planted throughout San
When? Trees will be planted on Saturday, January 26th 8am-2pm

Where? Any publicly-accessible space in San Francisco where trees can
be planted in the ground. For example, front yards, community gardens
and schools.

Cost? Thanks to funding from the Carbon Fund, each bare-root tree is
$25 or $250 for a 10-tree orchard, installed! Trees will be planted by
volunteers with one support stake. The cost includes visits by FUF
staff/volunteers for "treecare" for the first 3 years.

How? For now, contact Doug Lybeck at
or 415-268-0773. The property owner or garden
manager will have to approve the trees and sign the FUF Letter of
Agreement by December 1st - forms are still being developed, but there
will be available here

FUF is looking for tree stewards to help us plant and maintain these
beautiful community resources. Ideally these trees should be planted in
mini-orchards of 6-10 trees, which will promote cross pollination, as
well as ease of maintenance and fruit gleaning. We'll need your
commitment to help prepare the planting site, plant the trees, and water
and care for the trees. Thanks!
Karla Nagy
FUF Sidewalk Landscape Program Director