Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday May 8th workday

Despite the windy and blustery day, we had a wonderful workday at the farm.  The cool weather made for a good day for planting, which we took advantage of, and created lavender hill in the labyrinth.

Jonathan, from Feel the Earth, came by and checked on the trays of seeds he supplied and there are lots of babies.

Thanks to Jonathan we not only have plenty of seedlings (for the farm and the stand, as well as the various gardens Jonathan supplies seedlings to), we now have a strawberry bowl that is going to be awesome once it takes hold.  Speaking of strawberries, Strawberry Hill is coming along and producing lots of beautiful, and tasty, strawberries.

It was a bountiful day, as well, with 80 pounds of produce harvested (of course, Pancho had to munch a little as we worked). There were collard greens; Kohlrabi; lettuce, and 13 pounds of greens from our lettuce lawn!  The lettuce lawn is a new concept to me, and I will have to try it again.  In all, it was a lovely day, and once again, we gathered together and brought with us our love, and spirit of sharing, to produce beautiful, locally grown, organic produce. 

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