Thursday, June 17, 2010

Works of Mercy on the Free Farm

One highlight of yesterday's Wednesday workday is that 15 summer students from Sacred Heart High School came to visit the farm and give us a hand. They were taking a class called something like the Works of Mercy and so their teacher Jim wanted his students to learn about  growing food for the hungry. Jacob our new intern from the Metta Center and Shandra were their hosts and there was plenty of work to do, including planting more herbs in the labyrinth, creating new beds for the warm season crops, and some other tasks.

It was great having their help and getting to meet them all, especially since we want to work more with our neighbors and schools. I think more Sacred Heart students are coming next Wednesday and Friday.

Also, Steve and Griff finished framing out the outhouse (maybe we need a better name for this structure which will serve to house our composting toilet...the Poo Palace?). There is a lot going on next Saturday June 19, but if you are interested in the subject of composting toilets consider attending our free workshop mentioned in a previous post below from 1-4pm.

I think we are still looking for bright primary colors of paint to paint the bulletin board Page built. And we have a bunch of other needs as well, like a big shed to store our tools and more gloves for volunteer hands.

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