Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Free Farmers at GFE Party where Finn wins!

After volunteering at The Free Farm yesterday, Getup grads Finn, Stanley and I went over to GFE’s membership launch party. Due to heavy rains, the planned garden party moved to an indoors studio location in the Mission District. There we met up with Zoe and other classmates, graduates and friends, including our awesome Getup instructors (Blair, Suzi, Hilary and Nicole).

We didn’t have time to enter the Kale Cook-off contest, but I’m happy to report that our very own fashionable urban free farmer Finn sashayed down the catwalk (in the same outfit she wore at The Free Farm) . . . and was named a winner at the Garden Chic Fashion Show!

Finn carries dog down catwalk
Side view of Finn's outfit
Contestants wait to hear if they've won
Finn receives congrats from fellow contestant
Stanley at compostable hair salon
Zoe tells Stanley that she's not ready for haircut

Lest you think there are only female Getup grads (we gals just have the good taste to select The Free Farm as our project site!), here are some notable male Getup grads at the party:
Getup classmate & urban agri zoning advocate Eli of
Filmmaker Antonio of
Permaculture designer Kevin of

Kevin was Lynn’s neighbor until she moved closer to The Free Farm this year. See this video of SF renter Kevin in his urban farm at
Executive Director Blair busy processing GFE memberships

If you missed the party, you can sign up online to become a GFE member at

And you can apply for the 2011 Getup class at After you complete 80 hours of training at GFE, choose to do your 40 hours of community service at The Free Farm, where we practice generosity, hospitality and cultivation of land . . . plus, the latest award-winning Garden Chic fashion :-)!

GFE mantra: Grow Food! Make Compost! Rot On!

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