Monday, August 15, 2011

Saturday's fruitful & veggieful volunteer day

Britt sent this terrific write-up with photos of Saturday’s volunteer day:

This Saturday was a very fruitful (and veggieful) day at the farm, with the volunteer crew harvesting an outstanding 186 lbs of produce! This bounty included over 6 different varieties of squash, strawberries, kale, collards, tomatoes, cucumbers, a variety of flowers, and basil.

This week, instead of using primarily words, I am going to document all that went into Saturday’s massive harvest with a listing of photos. These photos chronologically show what went into Saturday’s volunteer day. Each photo has a caption with it that will give you a bit of background information about how the workday evolved.

I hope you enjoy the photos!

Kevin, one of my friends from Missouri, came to visit San Francisco this weekend, so he stopped by the farm on Saturday to check it out. Being a pretty smart guy, Kevin started his volunteer time at an ever-popular location: the strawberry patches.

Kevin’s little sister, Katie, joined Kevin in the strawberry patches and happily ate/harvested her time away.

Just this week, Damon brought down a large panel painting of some strawberries. This panel is now adding color to the farm’s southern fence.

Throughout the day, our lovely Joyce greeted volunteers and visitors as they came into the farm. This Saturday, she looked particularly stylish in her straw hat, cute glasses, and Trader Joes shirt (that she somehow managed to convince Trader Joes to give her for free).

RARE SIGHTING: Damon without tools in his hands! Take a good look at this photo—it is quite a rare sight indeed.

Hannah, my friend from college, came up to the farm this Saturday as well. Looking super cute in her shades, she helped to wash the ridiculous amount of greens that were harvested.

The various types of kale that were harvested. Who knew kale could come in so many different shapes?

Just a sample of all of the different varieties of squash that grow in the farm. Talk about diversity! I could not even name half of the squash I found in this bucket.

Rafeal brought the farm’s youngest member with him: Wesker, a 4 month old Terrier/Chihuahua mix. So, so, cute!

Hannah prepared a lovely lunch for the volunteers of a quinoa/garbanzo/zucchini mixture along with bread. Evan brought some homemade pickles to add to the lunch—delicious!

Freshly picked strawberries served as our lunch's desert. Amazingly, our strawberry patches are still producing about 15 lbs a week, and it’s August!

My friend Hannah taking a break with Caroline (another one of my friends from school). Aren’t they cute =].

Susannah, manning the produce give away. With such a big harvest, the stand was hardly able to give everything away in the hour that it was open.

To complement the produce giveaway, Tim and I gave away some “sprouting kits.” These kits contained a glass jar filled with clover seeds and topped with a secured screen. The kits also came with a comic designed by Tree that details how to grow sprouts and a “Why Sprout?” information sheet made by Tim.

Sunflower of the farm #1.

Sunflower of the farm #2. I am constantly amazed at how diversity is integrated into ever part of the farm.

Volunteers in Action: This photo was taken from the northwest corner of the farm. That corner is my favorite place to watch the farm and its volunteers move and grow.


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