Monday, October 24, 2011

The Free Farm keeps flourishing

In case you missed last Saturday’s volunteer day (like I did to attend a Disability Awareness Month workshop), Hannah sent this wonderful write-up and photos so we can vicariously experience or re-live the sunny day outdoors!

Even though the days are getting shorter, all the sunshine and warmth lets the Free Farm to keep flourishing, especially, this week, the lettuce. Using two washing stations and having dedicated volunteers made getting all the bins of lettuce ready to be given away possible.

Meanwhile, the bean vines came down, and the beds are ready for something new. According to Tree, the goal is to put in something from a different plant family, so the soil gets different nutrients. Carrots, maybe? Here's Nicki holding the last of the purple beans. We had 26 volunteers this week, including 6 Stanford students. Little City Garden gave us the lettuce for a gorgeous salad that helped feed everyone and its always wonderful to be able to share in the bounty from other urban gardens.

Happily, our greet, Joyce, was back to greet everyone, sporting a fabulous hat, and Tom picked a beautiful kale bouquet.

Tree gave a workshop on building potato towers, which let you grow potatoes in large containers, perfect for urban gardening. One more note: St. Paulus Church, which donates the land and water for the Free Farm, has had a generous offer from a developer. The church is supportive of the Free Farm's work and also realizes that selling the lot will give them proceeds they can use for other programs. The church is still considering what the best decision is. For now, let's send a message out to the universe for some guidance about the future of the free farm. Updates to follow.

For those of you interested in more info about the Free Farm, here's a link to a recent article, written by Valerie, our tireless schedule coordinator:

From Hannah

Public Service Announcements:

Mon., Oct. 24, 2011 Food Day events in SF

Sat., Oct. 29 – Sun., Nov. 6, 2011 Bay Area Science Festival

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