Saturday, November 5, 2011

Time to fall back :-)

Kris sent her awesome album of photos from today's volunteer day for our viewing pleasure :-)

Alen & Jordan with chard

Sitting pretty

Page constructing


Clover in labyrinth

Unofficial mascot
Kris found 4-leaf clover :-)

Lettuce mix

Clover patch where 4-leafer found

Happy lettuce harvesters

Hannah and squash family


Flower power

Bok choy & lavender

Baby snail in bok choy

I took a few photos of this afternoon's activities following lunch:
Gorgeous greenhouse

Sophie & Stanley brought today's delicious lunch

Kris with mint bouquet

Myles & K enjoy weeds

Stanley & Sophie hand out produce to visitors

Purple & green

Enjoy the extra hour after we fall back Sunday at 2 am :-)

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