Saturday, January 21, 2012

GOMBS soup

Rainy weather makes me wanna stay indoors and make soup! Soup is the ultimate comfort food and so easy to make with almost anything but the kitchen sink :-) Here’s my GOMBS* soup recipe (include whatever quantity suits your taste):

1. Soak barley/yiyi ren for 8 hours to break down gluten and make digestion easier. Discard soaked water. (See
2. Cook soaked barley + kombu in water. Kombu adds mineral-rich nutrients and helps activate enzymes to neutralize enzyme inhibitors.
3. Saute in coconut oil: chopped scallions (Onions)+ minced garlic + chopped carrots + chopped celery (Greens) + sliced crimini Mushrooms.
4. Add cooked barley + water + chopped watercress (Greens) + cilantro (Greens) + apricot kernels/tian xingren (Seeds).
5. Top with goji/goujizi (Berries).
My soup is missing Beans because I forgot to soak them in advance, and I avoid canned stuff. Soaking grains, beans, nuts and seeds help break down and neutralize anti-nutrients like phytic acid, which bind with minerals (calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc) and block their absorption. (See

*GOMBBS is the acronym for Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s cancer prevention foods: Greens + Onions + Mushrooms + Beans + Berries + Seeds.

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