Monday, June 18, 2012

A Harvest Tale

Check out this video from two women Tash and Anna (students of the Academy of Art University) who have over a number of months have been making a documentary about our Farm. I am posting it here because it is really great and it gets our philosophy down pat! The two women have an ending to the video which is what they thought "a call to action" which I think is a bit premature as we actually have two to three years before we may have to move. I say the future we can never know and change is part of life. Development projects can fall through, companies can go bankrupt or we may go on to do something even more fabulous. They also don't mention that the property we are on is actually owned by St. Paulus Church who is generously allowing us to grow food here to give away and that we are a resurrection of their church that was here and burned down in 1995. And if people want to volunteer we can use the help these days.

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