Monday, April 12, 2010

Blessed Be

There is so much that could be written about what is going on at the Free Farm. I wrote an update on the Free Farm Stand web site ( felt amazed myself at all the work we have accomplished in such a short time."  The most recent activity happened Sunday evening when Jonathan with Feel the Earth brought over 42 flats planted with seeds that will be grown at the Free Farm and given away to gardeners all over the city to encourage more food production.

We really need a greenhouse as you can see and the grant we wrote for one was turned down so we must try again. This garden is all about manifesting, like putting it out to the universe our needs and hopefully  things will manifest themselves. On my other post I have a list of some things we want to manifest like a shed, wheelbarrows, greenhouse, gloves for our volunteers, clips to hold down our row covers, a dump truck or more of manure, moe seeds for our lettuce lawns

Besides the free yoga class coming up Wednesday at 9am Saturday April 17th will be a Blessing Ceremony before we start working 10-11am...bring your blessings!

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