Friday, October 15, 2010

The Little Farm that Could

It has been a busy end of summer with a new crop of  volunteers, many  Stanford students,  plus we have been harvesting pumpkins, green beans, collards, cherry tomatoes, and giant squashes. We have harvested over 2,000lbs since we started harvesting in April and this is only our first year. If you go to there is more written there about the Free Farm with more photos.
There are rumblings about building a greenhouse/sacred space and working with Temple Emanu-el to have a day of service on Martin Luther King Day January 14 next year  where we would have a barn raising to erect a structure we build ahead of this date. This is very exciting news and I look forward to see how things develop.

Our first cover crop of fava beans have popped up as we move through this Indian summer. Leanne the muralist who did our beautiful murals dropped by  and wants to paint more starting in November. We will need donations of house paint (white and primary colors). Lots to do, got to get out into the field.

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