Sunday, January 23, 2011

Scenes from Saturday's Workday

At this Saturday's workday:

We enjoyed the sun.

We harvested arugula, lettuce, kale, tree collards, fava leaves, snap peas, herbs and flowers for our farm stand.

Jillian and Lynn washed and weighed all the produce for free distribution under our new shade structure.

Griff , Page, Kellen and others continued working on the greenhouse.

And all 22 volunteers shared lunch together.

The workdays feel alive with activity and conversation and when the volunteers leave, it feels like the farm comes alive in a different way. Today, when Griff and I were closing up, a hawk came and perched up on the tall flagpole.

As she hunted mice in front of us, eating her kill on the frame of the new hot house, we wondered if she often comes here in the afternoon. It was a reminder of all the creatures, visible and invisible, and all the relationships that exist on this 1/3 acre. There are the micro-organisms in the soil that create the nutrients for plants to grow and flower, which brings the bees, who pollinate the flowers that create fruit, which brings the mice and small birds, which brought this hawk. This is the beauty of interdependence.

This hawk symbolizes how the farm is increasing in biodiversity and becoming a sanctuary for many lives, including us humans.

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