Saturday, January 29, 2011

Harvesting yacon (yes, we can!), planting bamboo, grafting fruit trees & more!

We enjoyed the clouds, grateful for the forecasted rain to water plants that nourish us. Here's what we did today:

Tree, Page & Kellen cover greenhouse before rains arrive Zoe harvests lettuce
Edible bouquet
Harvesting yacon root
Covering sides of greenhouse
Planting bamboo grove
Kale ready to harvest
Gratitude circle around veg lunch spread prepared by Getup grads
Bolivians treat diabetics with yacon root
Pancho is earth-friendly
Our lunch covers 4 food groups: grains, legumes, vegetables & fruits
Stanley weighs & Sophie records produce
Tree shows how to propagate his namesake :-)
Tree fuses apricot scion with peach rootstock = apreach or peacot?
Tree secures grafted tree with recycled ribbon
Ricardo holds branch in mouth while slicing plucot tree. Check out Ricardo's musical talent at &
Watering seed starts (planted just 2 weeks ago!) under freshly covered greenhouse
New bamboo plants frame The Farm's bulletin board
Dogs check out mandarins

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