Friday, February 18, 2011

Adventures in Free Farm Land

Lynn from GCETP sent her report and photos of last Saturday's workday:

Last Saturday was another beautifully sunny day of volunteering. We were lucky enough to get the last bit of sun for that week, as Tuesday until now have been in constant mist or downpour.

Tobias and I built a new compost pile next to the old one, and the whole thing is lumped under that big blue tarp:

Progress was made on the shed:
Harvest of collards:
Stanley offering the free bounty:
Finn tending to the Container Garden (you can start one in your apartment too!):
Tobias waters the fava plants:
The magnificent view of greenhouse and shed:
All in all, it was a beautiful day of connecting with the earth, with my community of neighbors, getting some sun and exercise, and engaging in real meaningful work.
Thereʼs so much to learn here, my adventureʼs just begun. The Free Farm is a place full of magical possibility, and I canʼt wait to come back again next week!

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