Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dirt Rich

This is a short late night update of what's going on at the Free Farm these days. At our last Wednesday workday we had a wonderful planting frenzy in the greenhouse and we finally caught up with planting seeds, as we are running out of seedlings to plant in the ground. We somehow grew a ton of tomato seedlings so we now have a lot planted at the farm and we have given away a lot at the Free Farm Stand. We also have pretty much finished the new "office" space (for lack of a better category as to what to call the building...I don't see us doing any office work in it right now).) On Saturday I left part of our seed collection in the space and I am looking forward to not schlepping seeds back and forth to the farm.

We have also been getting more plants in the ground, many pollinators, culinary herbs, flowers, hops and kiwi plants, and we have planted bush beans and pole beans on newly built bamboo trellises. The things growing in the hot house are taking off  and seem to enjoy there existence in a very warm environment (wouldn't you?). Tobias is working on drawing us a to scale map of our farm to help us with crop planting and the taters in the ground are growing more and more each week. It also seems we are getting more people coming to our small Saturday Farm Stand each week and fortunately we have had produce to give away.

We had a beautiful last day with our regular high school students from Stuart Hall who are graduating and they each wrote us a sweet thank you note for working with them. We really appreciate getting the chance to work with students and hopefully get the opportunity to inspire them about service and working with nature.

Finally, we now have a Eartg Flag flying over our farm thanks to Pancho and Mike who climbed the pole to hang it. "The Earth is but ONE country & all living beings its citizens."
I invite everyone to come out and work with the soil with us. We are so fortunate to have this land available to us to grow food for those in need (and soon flowers too). I feel Dirt Rich. In the upcoming weeks we will be doing more work in our greenhouse, making compost extract, weeding, planting carrots and radishes,having fun, and enjoying wonderful vegan lunches made by our volunteers. Every week new people show up and I love meeting you all.

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