Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Workday + Vote for Tree!

This Saturday it felt like Spring had finally arrived and more than twenty volunteers came out to help us harvest, plant, ammend beds with compost and to work on constructing our new "office." A lot of folks came by the farm stand too, where in addition to all our beautiful greens we had a lot of citrus to give away thanks to the efforts of Stanford Glean. This farm was created to provide healthy food options to people who might not have access to fresh, organic, produce. But the farm also creates opportunities for cultivating other kinds of health. Providing a place for people to get their hands dirty in meaningful work supports physical, emotional and mental health too. I think this aspect of the urban farming movement is often overlooked, but it felt so clear to me on Saturday, as we worked together in the sun.

One simple way to support the work of the Free Farm this week is to vote for Tree online as Bay Citizen's Citizen of Tomorrow. If he wins then the $5,000 prize could go towards seeds, supplies and a large walk in cooler to store food from the Free Farm and the Free Farm Stand in the Mission. There are a lot of other great projects out there that are also up for nomination. Check them out at baycitizen.org/citizenoftomorrow where you can vote once a day until May 16th.

Happy May Day!

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  1. Namaste beloved siblings citizens of the World! :-)

    May this email find you facilitating the emergence of the new paradigm.

    From scarcity to abundance.
    From transaction to trust.
    From competition to cooperation.
    From consumption to contribution.
    From isolation to community.
    From perfection to wholeness.

    What if, we (Free Farmers and Free Farm Standers) write a note to the Bay Citizen of tomorrow saying that all five projects are very inspiring and that we are not willing to support the scarcity mentality and competition.

    What if, regardless of who wins, we (the five projects) decide to split all the conventional currency in 5 equal parts and allocate some resources for a party/celebration where all people involved in the projects will meet?

    What if reduce the gap between what we do and what we are capable of doing?

    May all become compassionate, courageous and wise.

    In radical love,