Saturday, April 23, 2011

Earth Day = Every Day at The Free Farm!

Kris sent these stunning still life photos from today's workday:

Thanks so much to Kris for taking photos with her phone camera today! What a lifesaver because I wasn’t able to take photos after my camera’s rechargeable battery died :-(

Earlier in the day, I volunteered at Earth Day SF ( in Civic Center Plaza. At the Permaculture Pavilion, a couple of One Brick volunteers and I helped Veronica ( set-up and create an earth mandala. My permie instructors (Jay, John and Max) were present so I wanted to capture some Polaroid moments. I went out to buy new rechargeable batteries, but they needed to be jump-started.

In the meantime, I met volunteer Kathy who revealed her green thumb so I invited her to join me at The Free Farm after our morning shift ended. When we arrived at the Farm, we met several new volunteers and I asked how they came to volunteer at the Farm:
• Jenny and Eitam decided to check out the Farm after visiting Mission’s Free Farm Stand (
• Mallika, who moved from Florida, found out about us through our website
• Sharon (who owns and her mother just moved into the neighborhood and noticed the Farm’s volunteer sign
• Phenion and Daisy, with their children, decided to come to our workday after walking around the neighborhood when the Farm was closed

We did a lot of soil building and planting: collards, kale, chives, tomatoes, as well as flowers such as marigold, chrysanthemum, zinnia, obelia rose. Alena created a pretty satchel for our WC. Byron and Adelaja continued construction of the office using mostly recycled materials, while I pondered about another mural like last week’s Toolshed Mural project by Ilyse and Girls, Inc. Stanley also brought over 7 wooden crates, donated by Wine House Limited, for our farm stand.

One blessing in not being able to take photos is that I can really get my hands dirty! It was more relaxing to just be present without framing photo shots. But after our workday ended and my batteries got recharged, I returned to take this photo of the Earth Day SF mandala at Civic Center.

Photos are good to look at, but it’s even better to experience The Free Farm in person so come celebrate our Earth during our lively workdays!

Public Service Announcements:

Mon., April 25, 2011, 7-9 pm
TransitionSF Community Meeting
CPMC Davies-Gazebo Room, on Castro between 14th & Duboce, SF
Presentation about the SF Seed Library project; see
Details at

Wed., April 27, 2011, 7-9 pm
Nature Has Rights: A Conversation with Cormac Cullinan, Shannon Biggs, Bill Twist, and Anuradha Mittal (TBC)
1187 Franklin St. at Geary, SF
SF launch of two cutting-edge books: The Rights of Nature The Case for a Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth - co-developed by Global Exchange, Council of Canadians and Fundacion Pachamama & Wild Law: A Manifesto for Earth Justice, Second Edition by Cormac Cullinan. A conversation with Shannon Biggs, Cormac Cullinan, and Bill Twist.
Details at

Thurs., April 28, 2011, 12-1 pm
Food & Water Watch: Help Save Our Food System!
450 Laguna St., between Fell & Oak, SF
Press conference for a just and fair farm bill that supports local, organic and sustainable agriculture. Farm Bill programs are critical to expanding access to, and availability of, healthy food. RSVP at

“Planet Earth is our home. She is home to almost 7 billion people plus countless species of animals and plants. We are all part of a tightly integrated ecosystem. Our ecosystem includes all life and innate materials on our planet, in our atmosphere, and in the universe beyond.
We cannot focus on the wellbeing of humans, or any one species, to the detriment of another without affecting the rest of the world around us. We are not just on this earth, we are of this earth.
Today as never before, planet earth needs us to nurture and honor her as we nurture and honor each other. Now is the time for us to transform our relationship with planet earth and to recognize that nature has rights just as we humans have rights.”
For complete Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth, visit

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