Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Free Farm Labyrinth

Our multi-talented free farmer, chili quinoa chef and photographer extraordinaire Kris submitted our lovely labyrinth to the World-Wide Labyrinth Locator, an online database of labyrinths around the world. At this time, our labyrinth (ID #4526) is the latest (installed May 2010) of 13 listed for San Francisco! Situated in a peaceful corner near our colorful murals, it’s a welcoming spot for meditation and taking your breath away by the sheer beauty of nature!

Kris sent her stunning (as always) photos with this wonderful write-up:

The Classical style labyrinth was modeled after the Grace Cathedral labyrinth in San Francisco's Nob Hill by Rev. Meghan Rohrer. The Free Farm labyrinth is about one quarter of the size of the Grace Cathedral labyrinth and is different in that our labyrinth is made of plants and bricks. Our bricks are recycled from the foundation of the original St. Paulus Cathedral that burned in 1995. The Free Farm labyrinth is listed on the Worldwide labyrinth locator at
We use the labyrinth to meditate and ponder our existence without having to go far. One can walk the labyrinth as if walking on a pilgrimage without having to leave The Free Farm. There is pleasure in taking in the positive energy of the labyrinth as you walk into the center and returning the positive energy as you walk out of the center; creating a harmonic balance of positivity; or you can just enjoy the pretty flowers :).


Smiling sunflower :-)

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