Monday, July 18, 2011

Seats of Hay, Walls of Stone, and Gifts of Love

Stanford intern Britt sent this cool report and photos of Saturday's workday:

Seats of Hay, Walls of Stone, and Gifts of Love

This Saturday’s workday started out with all of the volunteers huddling up into a large circle. Ready for a day of work mixed with fun, once in this circle we divided up the day’s tasks. Groups for weeding, harvesting, sign making, and more were formed, with each volunteer splitting off into the group that interested them most.

While many of the groups worked quietly, harvesting plants or pulling weeds, one group was not quite so mellow. This group was the construction group, lead up by Damon. They spent the day shoveling, sawing, measuring, and moving rocks. And their effort paid off. By the time the day was done, this group had constructed the farm’s very own fortified wall! Well… fortified path might be a more accurate description. Out of salvaged rubble and an old wooden beam, Damon & Co. constructed a small wall that now blocks off and stabilizes the farm’s newest path.

Damon starting up the wall

The finished product

While Damon and his helpers were busy with construction, another group was working to pull hay bails up the farm’s hill to make additional seating in farm’s the group meeting area. Now, thanks to their hard work, the seating available at the farm has greatly expanded (not to mention the enjoyable country-farm-like-vibe that the hay bails add).
The farm’s resident hay loaders, making some wonderful seating

Just below the construction and hay bail loading zones, three newly returning volunteers painted labels for the vegetables of the garden. Heather, Kevin, and Jess Making Signs
Beside this sign painting station, Hannah gave the harvesting crew a hand by washing off some of their bounty. And she did this while wearing a hat that made at least one person (me) very happy.
Hannah, washing off some lettuces and purple Sukamawiki

The harvesters for today included: Robert, Steven, Lauren (from Produce to the People), Rafeal, and many others. The day’s harvest was quite large, consisting of squashes, zucchini, beans, strawberries, beats, radishes, collards, kale, freshly cut flowers, and more!

Rafeal and his “lucky sphere strawberry”
Up at the front of the farm, two of the farm’s cutest member’s, Joyce and Wrenn. helped to give away this bounty and greeted anyone who wandered in.

Our seated greeters, Joyce and Wrenn with Pancho in the middle (I guess Pancho can be considered one of the farm’s “cutest members” too =] ).
Joyce putting out some more produce as the line starts to move through

While the farm was able to give away a great deal of produce today, the love of the volunteers that filled it gave the farm much more than it could possibly give away. It is this love, that manifests itself in forms as diverse from fortified walls to beautiful, peaceful presences, which makes me certain that the farm will continue to thrive for a long time to come.

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